Lift One, Empower Many

For aspiring entrepreneurs, test your business idea before you startup with Lift One Works practical online training.  

For organisations, we focus on creating positive employee experiences. Taking a human-centered approach to understanding and solving problems to build inclusive workplaces where creativity thrives.

Improve Engagement | Activate Innovation | Support Growth


Of small business started in 2014 only




were in business 5 yrs later


Services We Provide.


Yes to the Startup Workshops

For aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea, we provide 1:1 coaching and weekly group  workshops with practical tools to help bring ideas to reality.




Getting started with an innovation culture? Lift One Works help implement an innovation strategy to deliver results for your business.


 Design Thinking


Providing design methodologies and approaches to address problem solving and innovation. Delivered while working on real business problems.


Employee Experience Design

In depth analysis through to identification and implementation of actionable steps to improve engagement within organisation.

Our Approach.

Lift One Works unique approach of generating motivational goal models for users, provides a methodical approach by which to design, build team alignment and provide a roadmap for success for your startup or business

Engage | Innovate | Support