About Us.

Diane is Founder and Director of Lift One Works and is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. She combines this with her desire to create better workplaces through co-creating exceptional employee experience. 

As a facilitator and engineer, a researcher and strategist, a trainer and design innovator, Diane's passions are in empowering others to have the confidence and skills they need to solve problems which create and grow successful businesses. 


Over the last 20 years, Diane has worked with leading multinationals in financial services and medical devices commercializing new products and services. Building inclusive teams and delivering on business growth in areas of engineering, quality and manufacturing. 

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Diane Hassett, Founder


An advocate for #womeninSTEM, Diane has worked within multinationals and academic institutions to implement female student/professional peer mentoring and networks. 

Diane is also a volunteer LIFT Ireland facilitator. LIFT Ireland is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. 

"By committing to help and "lift" one other person, we create a circle of support, building empathy and inclusive cultures and businesses. By making the difference to one other person, Lift One Works!"


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Our Goals and Aims.

Our goal is to create a positive change for our clients by sharing knowledge and empowering teams by training, engagement and support


We approach this by providing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to make change and to think differently. Outcomes improve engagement which develops, promotes and retains talent, as well as delivering business growth from successful innovation. 

Lift One Works was inspired by Diane's recent research into employee experience in STEM careers which focused on engagement and empowerment. Providing informal networking opportunities, consistent support at key points in career transition, as well as building credibility are critical factors to ensure inclusive experiences. By focusing on skills and learning and support, Diane hopes Lift One Works makes that difference for you. 

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