Say Yes to the Startup Courses

Most Start Your Own Business courses work on the assumption you have a well developed business idea - researched with a clear market need. Unfortunately the reality can be a more "fuzzy" idea. Say Yes to the Startup courses help bring clarity to your business letting you move forward with confidence. 

Providing workshops and online courses, move from a "fuzzy" idea to clarity on your potential business. Apply practical approaches to user and market research and identify potential business concepts to test with real users, before even creating a logo!


Say Yes to the Startup Courses

Ennis, Co. Clare 

22nd April, 6-8pm

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How? 4 stage approach, from "fuzzy" idea to reality


Stage 1.


Identify problem area. Competition. Market. Learn about yourself as an entrepreneur.


Stage 2. Immerse, Imagine

Understand your users. Identify your niche. Refine the problem. Imagine the solutions.


Stage 3.


Develop and assess concepts. 


Stage 4.

Test, Try, Talk

Test on users. Talk to users. Try it out. Get feedback and reinvent.

I’m Diane Hassett, a leader in innovation training. 

I want to help you take your business idea and make it reality. I bring you through a bespoke program designed to challenge, develop and reimagine your startup ideas to help position you for success. If you are thinking of starting a business, but just need to build confidence, I’d love to help. 

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