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Are you making enough money?

In a recent twitter poll, I asked business owners “Which area do you wish you had focused more on when starting up?”

The top response….

#1 “How to make enough money”

So if you are thinking of starting up your own business, then a Business Model Canvas might be just the tool for you.

A business model canvas is a great way to get your thoughts on paper quickly.

· What is your value?

· How do you create value for customers?

· How do you capture that value (revenue)?

· How do you ensure you make more money than you spend?

It’s not all plain sailing and as an entrepreneur you might need 3-4 income streams to sustain your business. This reality was reflected in a recent survey where 60% of business owners mention changing/adding a new offering in response to customer needs and generating additional income.

Preparation is crucial - 80% of women business owners invested in additional training before they started their business, making sure they had the skills and credibility to make their business a success.

So to help make sure you are ready to make a go of your business, my workshops and courses now include building a Business Model Canvas and how this tool can give you a quick look see at how to make enough money in your business. Check out for more info.

Source: Business Model Canvas


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