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Say Yes to the Startup!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Most “Start your Own Business” Courses work on the assumption that you have a good well developed idea - well researched and tested for competition, target customers and potential size. The reality is for most entrepreneurs, this can be a test and learn process, often after money spent, and time wasted. For small business started in 2014 only 56% were in business 5 years later. Of these no longer trading, 42% cite “no market need” as reason for termination (Source: 2019). For this reason, I have created this course for would be entrepreneurs to learn and apply practical approaches, challenge your own assumptions, and test your idea, before even creating a logo!

I'm excited about helping potential business owners on their path to making their passion project a reality. I will bring you through a program designed to challenge and develop your ideas and help position you for a successful startup. Over 6 weeks will deliver content collated from leading experts, within a supportive group providing practical advice and support. At the end of it, you will hopefully have proven to yourself you have the right idea. To find out more you are invited to attend an introductory free workshop

online webinar 11th March

Ennis event 10th February


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