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Our goal is to create a positive change for our clients by sharing knowledge and empowering teams and aspiring entrepreneurs through training, engagement and support.

We approach this by providing the tools to think differently and make change. The result - improved engagement which promotes and retains talent, and business growth as a result of successful innovation. 


Employee Experience Design


Innovation Strategy


Design Thinking Training


Yes to the Startup Workshops


Employee Engagement.

Our approach works with and for teams - applying a human centered approach, we listen, observe, learn. Creating goal models specific to your organisation while identifying opportunities for improving employee experience and engagement.

The 3 main drivers of employee engagement are (1) A positive work environment (2) Trust in Leadership and (3) Growth opportunity (Deloitte, 2019). Combining this with Lift One Works own research, we also know that creating inclusive cultures by building connections / networks within an organisation, while learning new skills lets employees become their best selves.

We take a goal modelling approach when working with your organisation to support identification and selection of changes. These may range from redesigning employee inductions to creating internal network groups, which positively impact promotion opportunities and retain employees.

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  • Taking a hands on research based approach through observation, interviews, or user mapping workshops, to uncover insights and identify problem

  • Creation of goal models for emotional, behavioural, functional and social needs

  • Ideation and co-creation session followed by design and prototyping for feedback

  • Support implementation and delivery


Innovation Strategy.

We know that every organisation has different challenges, from improving service lead time to implementing a new innovation to take your business to the next level. By understanding your business, your journey, we identify and provide problem solving techniques to best suit your business from Lean, Design Thinking or Project Management. 



  • Taking a hands on approach to focus on the real problem through analysis and assessment. This may include interviews, observation and data gathering to uncover insights and ensure solving the right problem.

  • Identification of right toolkit and methods to support and sustain change in your business.

  • Co-creation, ideation, design and prototyping

  • Option to stay and support organisation for implementation and delivery

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Design Thinking Training.

Utilising empathy and experimentation, Design Thinking methodologies take a human-centered approach to addressing business problems. With this training, bring your own business problem and uncover innovative opportunities. 

Designed for leaders and teams who want to explore the principles of design thinking and how a human-centered approach to innovation can transform their organization, this course will benefit those in public and private sectors

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Ideas to Reality Workshops.

Whether you’re thinking of starting something new or scaling up, help is on hand from Lift One Works. We encourage you to dream big, giving you the tools to create success, offering training, and support network to build your idea into reality.

Q. Do you want to gain financial independence?

Q. Do you have a business idea which needs clarity?

Q. Do you want support on research and testing your business idea?


There are thousands of business ideas out there and at Lift One Works, we help you make it one which works. Offering 1:1 coaching and practical “Say Yes to the Startup” workshops, online or in-person, to provide you with the tools and resources to test and develop your idea from generation to viability. Aimed at giving you financial independence, these courses are scheduled to fit in with your day.


I wanted reassurance for my approach and I got it when attended "Say Yes to the Startup" workshop.

Business Founder, Ennis

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